High quality standards

It is in its people that resides the ability of companies to fulfil their commitments and responsibilities in an enriching way both for their customers and the local community in a sustainable and an environmentally friendly way.


The NAVALTAGUS experts are highly skilled and motivated to complete both repair and shipbuilding projects within a professional and ethical performance, that deserves the trust of our customers and that guarantees the company´s ISO 9001:2015, certification, approved by Lloyds’s Register Quality Assurance.

The NAVALTAGUS team of professionals is highly qualified in the repair and shipbuilding sector.

They are the main reason for the growing quality standards we offer our customers.

In addition to social initiatives that we develop within the local community, we invest in technologies that promote air quality and control of marine pollution and soil contamination through careful and efficient management of waste, materials and residual waters.


We develop processes for safe management of chemical products and promote the reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions, noise control and the use of renewable energies.

We work closely with and in close collaboration with our Clients.