With a total area of 30 thousand square meters, the NAVALTAGUS shipyard is located in the port area of Lisbon, on the left bank of the Tagus River, in Seixal. It is able to offer a solution to any technical requirements for the performance of dry works, in the wharf of the readiness or in covered workshops.

Navaltagus also offers a repair service for small and medium-sized boats in dry dock.

Slipway with 3 ramps

Ramp length: 200/200/150 meters

Maximum length of vessels: 100 meters

Maximum draught: 4.5 meters

Own lifting capacity: 35 tonnes

Outfitting Pier

Length: 100 meters

Maximum length of vessels: 120 meters

Maximum draught: 4.0 meters

Dry Dock

Maximum Length: 64 meters

Maximum width: 11 meters

Maximum draught: 4.25 meters


Lifting capacity: up to 25 tons

Generic Work: Electrical works, piping and carpentry

Steelwork: ship building and repair, construction and repair of other metal structures

Mechanical work: Machinery and equipment repair, both in the workshop and onboard

We work closely with and in close collaboration with our Clients.