NAVALTAGUS - Reparação e Construção Naval, Lda

Av. Mud Juvenil, Apartado 5,
2840-474 Seixal – Portugal

Tel: +351 211 128 512
Fax: +351 212 219 244

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Join Navaltagus and ETE Group, present in three continentes: Portugal, South America and Africa.

Our expertise as been on the market for more than 80 years.


All personal information collected is strictly confidential and its only purpose is to identify the potential candidates and their contacts for future recruitment processes. The personal data will be kept in the system for 2 (two) years.

A NAVALTAGUS is responsible for keeping data received. According to the legal terms and conditions, the owners of personal data can access their information and require any modification, rectification or elimination by sending an email to: or a letter to NAVALTAGUS, Av. Mud Juvenil, Apartado n.º5, 2840-474 Seixal - Portugal.